Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Steampunk -Honeymoon

Welcome to the Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix Arizona

I'm not sure what to say except that this place looks very nice, and I think I wouldn't want to leave after a trip to the spa!

***Arizona's guide to romance***

I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Steampunk -Bouquet

On the Strawberries and Champagne Blog I found some good examples and also a brief how-to for making my own brooch bouquet. I think that I could DIY my own bouquet along with my bridesmaids. Etsy sellers have bunches of old brooches and earrings that would be prefect for this project. Of course I'd need to add some gears and keys to really tie it in with my steampunk theme.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Steampunk -Centerpieces and stuff

I was thinking that I could get a variety of clocks from antique and secondhand stores -working or not and use those as the main part of my table centerpieces with some vines and flowers interwoven.

I think I may try my hand at recreating some inventions with lots of gears and steam capabilities -but I'm not going to make it my only plan :)

This seems like a simple enough diy project for the place cards.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Steampunk -Cake

The details and color of this first cake, make it my perfect fantasy steampunk cake!

The cake was created by Christopher Garren's Let Them Eat Cake .
I found it on Cake Wrecks along with some more awesome Steampunk Cakes.
This design is by Goro Fujita for the CGSociety

This isn't a cake, but I think it could be made into a really cool one if you just made the top of the coach out of cake, bottom out of foam to hold the shape and just build the carriage...you'd end up with something amazing!
The cake was created by Mike's Amazing Cakes in Seattle, WA and photographed by Libby Bulloff. from Geekologie

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Steampunk -Bridal

Now I know that this dress doesn't scream steampunk like so many others, but I thought it was really pretty and had just enough of the look that years from now, my family won't use my wedding dress as proof to send me to the funny farm. Besides, no one said that I can't play up the theme with a few great accessories!

Alfred Angelo Style 2170

by Etsy seller StrangerThingz

Goggles maybe? Or maybe this amazing hat?
by Etsy Seller HouseofNinesDesign

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Steampunk -Movie love

Here are two of my favorite movies with some steampunk flavor making them not quite true to Victorian life. Great excuse to watch these again and get some inspiration for my wedding.
Look for Sherlock Holmes 2 in theaters soon!

I love Sean Connery... and I can watch this movie over and over again.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Steampunk -Groomsmen

I was thinking that you could give this pre-styled tux from men's wear house a few good accents and really make it more steampunk.
antique hat from Etsy Seller LangeVintage
vintage watch from Etsy seller TimeTravelTeaParty
Typical steampunk groom in all his finery -Offbeat Bride Blog

Friday, November 12, 2010

Steampunk -Firefly love

Ok I know that this isn't traditional steampunk but when I was searching for men's looks for my groomsmen, I kept thinking about how sexy Nathan Fillion looked on Firefly.

Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Steampunk -Bridesmaids

This dress is from Dianna DiNoble at Starkers.com They make custom corsets so it will look amazing on everyone.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Steampunk -Location

Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation in Waltham, MA
Steam Punk Exhibit

The Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation is the first museum in the country to feature an exhibit solely dedicated to the steampunk movement. Steampunk, Form & Function offers an informational and interactive look into the world of steampunk and all that it encompasses including, fashion, literature, entertainment and much more. On display visitors will find modern Victorian clocks, a spinning wheel that generates power, GPS and iPods devices with gears and gages, and a computerized carriage. They can play a game of interactive pinball and use Victorian computer stations to discover the origins of this technological Victorian world.

Encompassed in the exhibit are over thirty works of art from some of the world finest steampunk artists and amateurs. The artwork was submitted earlier this fall to the Museum’s Steampuffin Steampunk Form & Design Competitionsponsored by Steampuffin and ModVic home design each submission uses authentic Victorian Era antiques and incorporates modern technology into them to create a new functional steampunk work of art.

Steampunk, Form & Function opens October 22, 2010 runs through May 10th, 2011. Admission is $5 for the general public and $3 for seniors\students; admission is free for children under six. The Museum is located at 154 Moody Street in Waltham, MA 02453. For museum hours more information visithttp://www.crmi.org or call 617 893 5410.

Rental Space:

Give your special occasion a special ambiance at the CRMII. Our historic, 19th-century textile mill overlooking the scenic Charles River provides the backdrop to some of Greater Boston’s most memorable special event experiences.

The museum can accommodate up to 300 guests with flexible seating/meeting configurations.


Extraordinary weddings require out of the ordinary settings. Your guests arrive over a quaint footbridge crossing the Charles River, where they can gaze at the mighty waterfall that once powered America’s first automated machinery.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Steampunk -Invitations

I'm actually in love with these invitations... check out the Royal Steamline site to see more great pictures of this set and their other products.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Steampunk -Inspirations

This book was my first experience with the steampunk genre... although I now realize how much of it I had already been exposed to. I think this theme would make for an awesome wedding to be a part of and to attend!

I love how even the guests of this wedding dressed up!
Photo: David and Vicki Arndt Photography from the Disney Wedding Blog

The Offbeat Bride Blog has had some great real steampunk weddings
Photo: Julian Beattie from Offbeat Bride flickr Michael and Chloe