Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Spain -Inspirations

The idea for my first attempt at planning a fantasy wedding was actually going to be fairly traditional and pretty (and will probably be on here eventually) but before I could start working on it, I received a random infomation packet from Rix Lounge @ Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. So obviously I had to check this place out since I had never heard of it before.

I thought maybe this could be an Aug wedding but then I remembered that May had Cinco de Mayo and was actually a very sexy month, so this could work.


  1. Rix Lounge in Coronado Springs - the whole theme of the resort is southwest, spanish mexico and the explorer Don Francisco de Coronado and his unsuccessful search for the Seven Cities of Gold. The theme is already there at the hotel so I think I'll just add some touches here and there to carry it along.
  2. The color persimmon (I love) and it seems perfect for this theme so the bridesmaids will be wearing it, maybe some candles in this color.
  3. Wrought-iron and scroll work -I love the added touch of the iron (would love to find some monogram pins for the groomsmen) This scroll pattern is on some pillows and lamps and I think I'll work it into the invitations.
So I'm calling this wedding theme New Spain because 1 - all the spanish/mexican influences and 2 - marriage is a journey not unlike the one explorers took when searching the new world and trying to find the cities of gold. I want my guests to feel like they're a part of our journey.

Stay tuned for my first attempt at planning a wedding!

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