Friday, May 14, 2010

T&T: "don't you just love a bargain"

Let me start by saying the Christmas Tree Shop is dangerous... you go in looking for one item or simply to browse and 2 hours later your shopping cart (when did you get that?) is full! I LOVE this store. If you haven't been before check their locations (Maine to Pennsylvania) to see if there's one in your neighborhood.

TIP: Make sure to sign up for their email flyer so you know when a new 'season' is starting and get the first pick of the new stock.

Here are some items that stuck out as unique centerpiece items for summer weddings:

Tealight Lanterns 2.99

Tealight Lifeguard Stands 1.99

They also had inexpensive (1.99 per good size bag) shells, starfish and sand.

I've seen brides use oversized diamonds like these for weddings or engagement parties. These were 4.99 and they also had smaller napkin ring-size ones at 2.99

(Disclaimer: I apologize for the pictures, they were taken stealthily with my blackberry while hoping the other customers didn't think I looked too sketchy...)

Tip: If you see something you like, you better buy it now because it may not be there the next time you go. The only downside to this store is that the merchandise is seasonal. If you're starting your planning a year in advance or at last minute, this is the place to go.

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