Monday, May 24, 2010

Not On My Registry #1: A Kiss Forever

Nao by Lladro "A Kiss Forever" Porcelain Figurine

That special day yields a kiss to be cherished forever. Elegant figurine of a bride and groom sharing that first kiss as husband and wife is a beautiful way to commemorate a wedding day. This distinctive handcrafted porcelain figurine made in Spain by Lladro artisans will be enjoyed for generations to come. Measures 9" H. Wipe clean.

Now let me say that there is nothing wrong with this. In fact I thought it was very pretty when I first saw it... until I saw the price they're asking for it. I'm sorry but no one and I mean NO ONE needs a one hundred and fifty dollar, nine-inch statue. Honestly it's just going to collect dust and end up shoved in a cabinet.

Bottom Line:

$148.99 is way too much for something that has no purpose except to collect dust. If you're going to Bed Bath & Beyond for my gift pick up something I'll actually use.

Gifts I would (possibly) include from Bed Bath & Beyond


Belgian waffle marker (Waring Pro Professional Waffle Maker $79.99)

Higher End:

Margarita Maker (Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker $329.99)

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