Monday, May 17, 2010

New Spain -Bridesmaids

The Dress

Since persimmon is the main color that I'm using in my New Spain theme, that's the color I chose for the bridesmaids dresses. I tried to find a dress that had a soft sophistication as well as a fun and sexy feeling.

David's Bridal Style: F12495 in Persimmon

What I love about this dress:

  1. beading under the bust keeps it from being too plain
  2. chiffon gives it a soft but sexy look
  3. it comes with the matching wrap
  4. it comes in persimmon (not too many choices for this color)
The Bouquets

When it comes to bouquets, I'm into the less is more method. The bridesmaids bouquets will be all light orange gerber daisies.

Schreurs calls this color Amaretto

What I love about this flower:
  1. gerber daisies are my favorite flower
  2. simply elegant flowers -dress them up or down
  3. i think this color will be the perfect contrast to the bridesmaids dresses

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