Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day

To celebrate I found this story from ABC's What Would You Do?
'Momzilla' Berates Bride-to-Be

Would You Intervene If You Saw a Mother Verbally Abusing Her Daughter in a Bridal Store?

Searching for the perfect wedding dress is supposed to be a magical experience that women fantasize about from a young age. But when the bride is receiving insults from an overbearing mother, the dream becomes a nightmare.
What Would You Do / Momzillas
A bride-to-be dissolves in tears after her "mother," an actress hired by ABC News, yells at her. The daughter, who was also an actress, staged this scene in a Manhattan bridal shop as part of a "What Would You Do?" ethical dilemma.
(ABC News)

Bridezillas, please step aside -- "Momzilla" is on the loose.

Watch the story on "What Would You Do?" Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET.

Tensions can run high during the often-stressful time before a wedding, leading to clashes between mothers and daughters, and Momzillas are not an uncommon sight, according to Ronnie Rothstein, CEO and owner of Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan.

"We get Momzilla here every week," Rothstein said. "When a mother comes in with a bride, you see all of the good and bad in the relationships."

ABC News wanted to see how people would react to an over-the-top Momzilla berating her thin daughter in one of Manhattan's exclusive wedding salons. As a bride-to-be modeled her dream dress, Momzilla went on a verbal rampage.

In the middle of the salon at Kleinfeld Bridal, Maria Regina, an actress hired by ABC News, yelled at another actress who played the part of her bride-to-be daughter.

"I'm paying for the dress, I think I have a right to tell you what this dress looks like!" Regina shouted. "Is that understood? I'm just telling you the truth. Don't you want to hear what I have to say?"

~~Momzilla story continued on ABC site.

There are some good (real) moms out there so continue reading the story!

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