Friday, May 7, 2010

Bride-to-Bride: Kristen's Tips

Kristen's Tips for a Budget Friendly Wedding:

1. Do your research!
It was most important for us to have a nice place to go to, and have food for people to eat - all the other little details were places we could skimp.
Kristen and Josh decided that the reception and food would take up the bulk of their budget and still keep it under 8,000 for 80 guests. They did their research comparing the hotel packages vs. bringing in an outside caterer. They chose to stick with the hotel's package and splurge on a chocolate fountain from an outside vendor.

2. Make sure your guests bring their cameras!
To save money, we decided not to hire a professional photographer and asked our friends and family to just be ready with lots of cameras, which worked out beautifully - we have friends that are amazing photographers and I have a cousin who was going to school for photography.

3. DIY!

Keeping things personal and budget friendly, Kristen and Josh decided to make their own favors and centerpieces.

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