Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Spain - Tables and Gifts

I want something simple for my table centerpieces. I was thinking of an iron candle holder like this one:

Three Tier Candle Holder from Something for the

with pillar candles:

These are actually flameless wax candles from

I can't forget my search for gold theme:

Lake Champlain Chocolates Bulk Chocolate Coins in milk chocolate with copper foil.

170 pieces cost $65.00 and since I want to have them on all the tables, I'd have to buy a few bags.

I originally wanted to give everyone a live red cactus and have some extra sprinkled through the reception area.

However I started to think that it might be difficult for people to travel home (on planes) with a cactus plant... Then I saw these:

Cactus candles at the Christmas Tree Shop for $1.00 each. They come in two different shades and two different styles. I like how they're a little different and small (easy to travel home with,) however like everything at this store when you see it you have to buy it or it probably won't be there on your next trip.

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